Pit-No-3, Po : Jamadoba Disit :Dhanbad (Jharkhand) Pin - 828112. UDISE NO - 20120210617. School Code 66263. Affiliation No : 3430075
Teaching Staff  

The teacher is a leader and motivator, role model and mentor, learner and innovator, Leading by example. Comfortable with convergence technologies, as tools for learning and evaluation, the teachers extensively use multi-media and audiovisual classroom aids.

S.N. Name Designation QUALIFICATION
1 Mr.P.K.Mishra Principal M.A.,(ENG)PGDTE
2 Mr.Sanjeev Kumar Shrivastava PGT M.SC,(CHEM)B.Ed
4 Miss Dalia Mukherjee PGT M.A,(ENG)B.ED
5 Mr.Binay kr Sahay PGT M.COM, B.ED
6 Miss Sangita Mukherjee PGT M.A(ECO),B.ED
7 Mr. A.N. Singh TGT M.A(HINDI),B.ED.M.ED
8 MR.Manoranjan Sahu TGT M.SC(MATHS),B.ED
10 Mr.Dilip Kr Gupta TGT M.A(HIST),B.ED
11 Mr.Binay Kr Pandey TGT M.SC(MATHS),B.ED
12 Mr.Harish ch. Mishra TGT INTER,B.PE
13 Mr.Vinod Kr Tiwari TGT M.SC(GEO),B.ED M.SC,(CHEM)
14 Mr.DharamRaj TGT M.A(SKT),B.ED CTET
15 Mr.Somnath Banerjee TGT M.A(ENG),B.ED
16 Mr.Harish Ch. Mishra PRT M.A(HINDI),B.ED
17 Mr.Ashok Kumar PRT M.SC(MATHS),B.ED JTET
18 Mr.Rajesh Kumar PRT M.SC(CHEM),B.ED,CTET & JTET
19 Mr.Bijay Kumar Singh PRT M.SC(CHEM),B.ED
20 Mr.Mahendra Prasad PRT M.SC(ZOOL),B.ED
21 Mr.Sanjay Mishra PRT B.SC(H),B.ED CTET & JTET
22 Mr.Gautam Upadhyay PRT M.SC(PHY),B.ED
23 Mr.Santosh Kumar PRT M.A(ENG),B.ED
24 Mr. Rabinder Singh PRT MCA
25 Mr.Samip Kr. Mahapatra PRT MCA
26 Mrs.Gunjan Singh PRT MCA
27 Kumari Sandhya Mishra PRT B.SC(H),B.ED
28 Mr. Neeraj Kr. Sinha PRT M.A(HIST),B.ED JTET
29 Mr.Pankaj Kumar PRT B.A(HIST),B.ED CTET
30 Mr.Siddharth Anuj PRT B.A(HIST),B.P.ED
31 Miss Rita Sen NT M.A(PHILO),B.ED
32 Mrs.Anita Dasgupta NT B.A(H),B.ED
33 Mrs.Reemy Mary Mathew N.T B.A, B.ED
34 Mrs.Saba Rashida Parween Teacher M.SC,(B.ED)
35 Mrs.Arpana Singh Teacher M.SC,(B.ED)
36 Mrs.Ruby Sharma Teacher M.A (B.ED), CTET
37 Mrs.Shruti Kumari Teacher M.A ,MUSIC VOCAL
38 Mrs.Roshan Ara Teacher B.A(HINDI),B.ED
39 Miss Rupa Kumari Singh Teacher M.A, B.ED
40 Mrs.Sushma Singh Teacher M.SC(B.ED),CTET
41 Mrs.Vineeta Kumari Teacher B.A ,B.ED
42 Mrs.Aarti Sinha Teacher B.A ,B.ED,CTET
43 Mrs.Sangeeta Sharma Teacher B.A, B.ED,CTET
44 Mrs.Pinky Kumari  Teacher M.COM,B.ED
45 Mrs.Moutushi Das Teacher M.COM,B.ED ,CTET
46 Mr. Prince Teacher M.F.A ,MBA
47 Ms.Juhita Keshri Teacher MCOM,BED
48 Ms.Mira Kumari Teacher MCOM, B.ED ,CTET
49 Ms.Arpita Samanta Teacher MCOM,B.ED,CTET,JTET
50 Ms.Bindu Kumari Teacher B.SC,B.ED
51 Mrs.Shruti Sonthalia Teacher BTECH.B.ED, CTET
52 Mr.Sanjeev  kumar Jha Teacher BSC,B.ED ,CTET
53 Mr.Gautam kumar Teacher MSC, BED
54 Kri Priyadarshini Teacher MA,BED,CTET
55 Mrs.Niva Singh Teacher BSC,BED CTET,JTET
56 Mr.Aadity pandey Teacher M.A BED ,CTET
57  Mr.Sisir Panja Teacher M.A,BED
58 Ms.Richa Shrivastava Teacher MCOM,BED


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Pit-No-3, Po : Jamadoba Disit :Dhanbad (Jharkhand) Pin-828112 
Phone No. : 0326-2320654 UDISE NO - 20120210617 
School Code 66263 Affiliation No : 3430075 
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